Thursday, October 15, 2015


Halloween festivities at Seth Boyden School, which were cancelled last year but later allowed when the superintendent stepped in, are being banned again.

Since Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, several schools are holding their traditional costume days and parades on Friday, Oct. 30. The Maplewood Village festivities are also set for that day.

A letter from Seth Boyden principal Mark Quiles to parents this week declared that since 20% of students did not partake in the festivities last year, none can this year.

See the letter below:

Quiles attempted the same thing in 2014, but his order was reversed by then acting superintendent James Memoli.

We have reached out to new Superintendent John Ramos for his view, but have yet to hear. Quiles also has yet to respond.

Parents are already speaking out against the latest attempt, with one emailing that, "it's not fair to single out one school."

Some also noted that other schools, such as Clinton and Tuscan, are holding similar festivities and in-school parades of costumes.

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Unknown said...

I agree with him. Many parents don't allow their kids to celebrate halloween. What are those kids supposed to do when everyone else is enjoying group activities?
Beside this is barely a holiday.

Anonymous said...

MOST parents do. So again, at the risk of offending the minority, we ruin a childhood tradition for everyone else. I suppose you didn't have a problem with Columbia high school banning Christmas music from a holiday concert, either? That's "barely" a holiday too, now that it's been secularized?

Original Reagan Gangster said...

Yeah let's destroy this for everyone because a few kids don't acknowledge Halloween. How absolutely absurd liberals are. On one hand he wants to "include" all kids, on the other hand if certain kids are not allowed to participate in an American tradition going back over a century, well then everyone must be excluded. No wonder people are fleeing this state like rats from a sinking ship. Morons like this principal are more than willing to abandon everything that makes us Americans in favor of apologizing for all perceived transgressions against a vocal minority of people who desire complete "fundamental change". I want my country back!