Wednesday, December 23, 2015


From School District officials:

Tuscan Safety Meeting

On Thursday 11/12/15, Tuscan Administration (Malikah Majeed & Kevin Mason), Tuscan Parents (Caitlin Bohlman, Carrie Gordon, Elizabeth Baker & Chad Hunt), Maplewood Mayor Vic DeLuca and Maplewood Police (Chief Robert Cimino, Captain Dawn Williams & Lieutenant Albert Sally) came together to discuss pedestrian safety and how it relates to the safety of our children.  Subjects that were discussed were cars speeding, texting while driving, pedestrian safety while in crosswalks, sidewalks not properly maintained (i.e. landscape jutting into sidewalks, to small berms, not shoveled etc.) and especially the overall safety immediately surrounding Tuscan during drop off and pick up.  Tuscan PTA President Caitlin Bohlman was highly impressed by the collaborative spirit that was evident in the meeting.  Having police presence at school during drop off and pick up was discussed and Tuscan should expect to soon have a Police Liaison that will continually work with the Tuscan Safety Committee on these important issues.

Since the drop off zone is a constant concern and the present location cannot be expanded, the option to move the drop off zone was discussed.  Locations included Tuscan Road, Prospect Street and Osbourne Terrace.  After the Police have done the proper surveying to test out each proposed location before permanently moving the drop off zone.  Other actions that are being taken into consideration are looking into seeing what crosswalks need to be re-striped and how more signage can be add to denote our School Zone.  Mayor Vic DeLuca and Police Chief Robert Cimino are also planning to lead a walk around the Tuscan area to determine and assess obstacles that can be addressed to give safer routes for our children. 
The police also recommended safe routes to school presentations for students, which will be looked into to educate students about pedestrian safety. 

Additionally, a follow up Safety Committee meeting will be scheduled in a month to discuss how these issues will be addressed further. In the meantime, if members of the Tuscan School community observes unsafe conditions due to ice, snow, leaves and/or landscaping please use the following website to report these conditions (
Making changes to improve student safety will need help from all of us.  Remember we must all ROAR- Respect Others and Act Responsible.

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