Sunday, March 5, 2017


As the Board of Education continues its support for transgender students in the face of President Trump's recent executive order lifting such protections at the federal level, Board Member Madhu Pai offered more in this statement posted online:

Hi. Writing as a BOE member, and hoping you'll help broadly get the word out to any concerned students/parents/community members. There's a lot happening at the Federal level, some of which has direct impact on our district/students and may lead to questions or concern. We want to reassure our community that the change in Federal guidance on the rights of Transgender students will have no bearing on implementation of the district's own policy ensuring the rights and dignity of our Transgender students. The policy we passed last summer stands, and the important work related to implementation will continue to be carried out. Formal communication from the district is forthcoming.

New Jersey School Boards offers the following assessment of the guidance, which fully supports our policy: 

"The U.S. Departments of Justice and Education on February 22 issued a guidance document that rescinds the May 2016 federal guidance clarifying accommodations that should be considered for transgender students.

Essentially, the new federal guidance leaves the matter up to the states, while reaffirming that transgender students retain civil guarantees that have traditionally been provided under federal law.
In New Jersey, gender identity is protected by the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, and is also addressed by case law decisions. Therefore, based on the requirements of existing state law, NJSBA anticipates that the latest federal guidance will have little to no legal impact here.

Last summer, a federal court decision put on hold the May 2016 guidance. Neither the initial federal guidance, nor the court’s decision staying its implementation, have had a significant impact on New Jersey’s schools because of existing state-level law."

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