Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This warning issued today from the township:

August 21, 2012:  A bat that was found in Memorial Park on Monday morning August 20 was tested and found to have rabies.  The bat was acting unusual in that it was hanging on the side of a tree very low to the ground.  The tree is next to the blacktop walkway that runs from the Civic House to Oakview Ave, on the east side of the brook.  Thanks to an alert resident who contacted us early in the morning, the bat was removed by 9:00am prior to the start of any child day camps in the park.  The bat was captured and tested at the NJ State Health Dept. laboratory and found to have rabies.  There is no danger to any person or pet unless they had direct contact with the bat.  At this point no one has reported any contact with this bat.  If you know of any person or pet that may have had contact with this bat, please call the Maplewood Health Dept., 973-762-8120 x4400.

Bats are a normal part of our natural wildlife and they are usually considered beneficial since they eat insects.  Under normal circumstance they are not to be feared and they do not attack people or pets.  However, when a bat is found to be acting abnormally, such as lying on the ground, it must be avoided since it may have rabies.  If you find a bat acting abnormally, contact the Health Dept., Animal Control or during evening or weekends, contact the Police Dept.   Do not touch the bat.  Protect your pets by making sure they have a current rabies vaccination.  For further information contact the Maplewood Health Dept.

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