Thursday, August 2, 2012


With just over a month until the first day of school, Marshall School Principal Angelica Allen has resigned.

Patch reports:

Marshall School principal Angelica Allen has resigned. She will leave the district on Oct. 1, according to a letter she emailed to Marshall School parents.  She will become Interim Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction in another, unnamed school district.
Superintendent Brian Osborne said today in a statement:
Dr. Angelica Allen, Principal of Marshall Elementary School, announced today that she has accepted an offer to serve as Interim Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction with the Irvington School District.
In a letter to Marshall families, Dr. Allen stated “I have the deepest respect for the faculty and staff of Marshall School and love spending each school day partnering with them to educate our children. The students at Marshall School are so eager to learn. They are and will all continue to be high achievers in a variety of areas because of their stellar work ethic. Affecting the daily lives of approximately 500 children has been a privilege and a great opportunity for both professional and personal growth.”

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