Monday, August 13, 2012


Public Works Director Eric Burbank responded to complains on MOL about the new effort to restrict recyclable items in the garbage pick up.

See that background HERE.

See the MOL discussion HERE.

And Burbank's lengthy response posted on MOL below:

No one is lining their pockets.

The money comes from a state grant.

It is not a violation of your contract with trash haulers not to pick up your trash because they found recylcables in it. On the contrary, it is against the (state, county, municipal) law for them to pick up recyclables mixed with garbage.

There have been many notices send out about recycling by the township over the years.

Yes, it would be a waste to have someone walk around checking every bag, that is why it will be done via spot checks.

Why the trash haulers? Because they are already picking up the garbage and are the ones that will notice the recycables.

They will not open/leave your trash because you put a can, bottle or letter in it. It has to be evident for them to suspect recyclable are in the bag. (although they should have been in with the recyclables)

Who makes money on this? Both the town (you the taxpayer) and you as a resident. The town gets the money from the sale of the recyclables, and in tonnage grant from the state which requires an enforcement aspect. You save money by reducing the number of trash pick ups and the amount. Each trash hauler offers programs from 2 cans twice a week to 1 can once a week, or even a pay as you throw program. I use the one can once a week, and I think I pay less than $50.00 per quarter.

Why not a one man truck that has the automated arm? Because there are too many cars parked on the street which means they won't be able to grab the container behind the car.

Styrofoam is not recyclable in Maplewood. Neither are plastic bags because they caught in the machine at the plant. Plastics #1-7 which are small enough to fit in a recycling container can be recycled.

We are working on bigger plastic items, which can be recycled just have to figure out the logistics.

I think I covered all the questions posted.

I have been a little busy lately so I don't get to read MOL that often but will check back when I can.

Eric Burbank

Cleaning of the recyclables prevents rodents here and at the plant.

The township has applied for grants to purchase containers for the residents, just a couple of years ago they received some containers and they were handed out at the recycling center.

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