Saturday, August 11, 2012


PATCH reports that the township plans to tighten restrictions on recycling and have the garbage companies refuse to pick up garbage with recyclable.

Unreal. Is recycling a mandate?

Make sure to inspect your garbage more closely. How about if the township collected garbage like other towns instead of making us pay for it in addition to our too high taxes.

Read HERE and below:

Maplewood is about to crack down on recycling.  
Beginning Sept. 1, if trash haulers find recyclables mixed in with regular garbage, they will tag the bags with a sticker and refuse to collect them, said Public Works Director Erik Burbank
“If they hear certain sounds when they pick up a bag, or a bag seems especially heavy, they can cut it open,” said Burbank. The town’s new recycling consultant, Birdsall Service Group, will spot check residential garbage pick-ups to ensure that haulers are complying with the new regulation. 
Birdsall will meet with representatives from Waste Management and Waste Industries to brief them on the regulations. The waste companies face fines for non-compliance.
“We do a pretty good job with recycling, but there is always room for improvement,” said Burbank.

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