Monday, March 25, 2013


The school district posted a great rundown of the recently approved $118 million district budget online.

See the entire report HERE.

Highlights include the elimination of 14 jobs, including six special education positions.

The report states, on those cuts:

The budget will result in the net elimination of 14 employees for a total budget reduction of $1,590,000. 

Positions slated for elimination include:
·         1 CHS Dean (anticipated vacancy due to upcoming retirement)
·         6 Special Education teachers (enrollment changes and scheduling efficiencies)
·         1 CHS Student Assistance Coordinator
·         3 CHS teachers (scheduling efficiencies)
·         3 elementary specials teachers (scheduling efficiencies)
·         2 Curriculum Specialists (program restructuring)
·         2 elementary enrichment teachers (program restructuring)
·         1 Central Office Secretary (vacancy not being filled)

Staff being added where necessary, include:
·         1 elementary social worker (expanded need for services)
·         2 elementary/middle school teachers (increased enrollment)
·         2 sixth grade World Language teachers

In addition, it states:

As passed, the budget calls for a total expenditure of $118,004,144, with a total school tax levy for the operating budget of $104,473,642 and $3,890,933 for the debt service budget. This represents an increase over last year in the school tax levy of $3,080,497, or 2.93% in percentage terms.  Of that, 2.47% is attributable to increases in the operating budget, with the remaining .46% slated to cover the increase in annual debt service, approved in 2012 by the Board of Education and the Board of School Estimate. The impact on the average homeowner is estimated to be $199 in Maplewood and $212 in South Orange (based on 2012 figures; finalized 2013 tax numbers will be available from the Essex County Office of Taxation in April).

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