Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Amid recent disagreements over the school's restricted entrance policy and unattended drop-off zone, Tuscan School is pushing what it calls a new Safe Routes to School Plan that includes urging parents to walk their children with training tonight for those who want to lead the effort.

Principal Malikah Majeed sent out a robo-call to parents on Monday that urged them not to use the drop-off zone in front and to join in efforts to promote more walking to school.

This note from Majeed also appeared in the most recent PTA newsletter:

This year, our newly created Safe Routes to School 
Team is partnering with SRTS Regional Coordinator, 
Nora Shepard to seek sustainable long term solutions to 
dramatically reduce vehicle trafCic and improve student 
safety in the vicinity of Tuscan School. Tuscan PTA 
SRTS Representatives Cami Zelevansky and Candice 
Davenport are already diligently working to launch a 
Walking School Bus Program.
Safe Routes to School Regional Coordinator, Nora 
Shepard will be conducting a Walking School Bus 
“Driver” training on Tuesday, March 5th from 7 – 9 pm 
in the Tuscan Library. Please plan to join us and RSVP 
to Cami Zelevansky camizelevansky@gmail.com. This 
training will cover all policies and procedures to 
prepare for a Walking School Bus. 
Successful Safe Routes to School initiatives will require 
the support of the entire school community.

Here’s how you can help

Follow the Safe Driving to School Safely Tips for 
Parents on page 5 of this newsletter and also 
available on the PTA website.

Give your input on the Safe Routes to School 
survey Link to the Survey.

 If you do drive to school, help reduce traffic 
around the school, try parking a block or two 
away from school and walk the rest of the way

Encourage other parents to participate in 
completing the SRTS survey to aid in identifying 
obstacles to walking to school

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