Monday, September 30, 2013


Are Jitneys dangerous?

The Star-Ledger reports on a state review:

They said nothing.
Yet by spending four hours attending a special state Assembly Transportation Committee hearing on “jitney” bus safety in Hudson County today — not even eight weeks after their infant daughter was killed in a jitney accident — the parents of Angelie Paredes said everything.
They want to prevent what happened to their daughter from happening to anyone else’s child.
Eight-month-old Angelie died July 30, after a minibus toppled a lamppost onto her stroller in West New York.
Her death has become a clarion call for jitney safety that has been heard 60 miles away in Trenton. The Assembly Transportation Committee moved its meeting to Hudson County, where Angelie’s parents, Maylin Hago Paredes and Jairo Paredes, listened to testimony yesterday about an industry that Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex), transportation committee chair, likened to “the Wild West.”

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Anonymous said...

The jitneys in this article are the often dangerous private minibuses that travel from Hudson County to the City. They have no relationship to our jitney, so none should be inferred.