Thursday, November 28, 2013


On a day in which we are thankful for what we have, we remain thankful to be in Maplewood, a town that offers many more positives than negatives.

Yes, I have and will tweak about the high property taxes here and offer my complaints when deserved, but for the most part this is a very welcoming, diverse, safe and well-run community.

The Township Committee, even with things done I might oppose, is among the best in the state. The TC members do their best to serve us with a dedication and approach that all can agree is aimed at helping and improving the township. I've often said Mayor De Luca is everywhere, and always on top of issues - from gay marriage to helping during the post-Sandy clean-up.

The other TC members also put in many hours for a minor stipend and none have even had a whiff of scandal aT a time when many other Garden Sate towns have seen leaders indicted, arrested and thrown out for poor management.

We also have the most adorable downtown, Maplewood ViLlage, which is a picture postcard of Rockwellian charm. Our schools are well-run and the diversity of Maplewood is matched by no one else.

If you are in any way discriminatory or feel judgmental of others, your place is not here. Instead, this is a place we can be thankful allows us to raise families well and enjoy many opportunities and acts of kindness, generosity and fun.

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