Friday, May 15, 2015


Township Committee Candidate Greg Lembrich has raised more than $14,000 for his campaign so far, according to statements filed last week with the state Election Law Enforcement Commission, while he has spent more than $11,000.

His opponents, incumbent Jerry Ryan and challenger Nancy Adams, have yet to offer detailed amounts of fundraising and expenditures, filing disclosure statements that say only they plan to raise no more than $8,500 combined. By law, they do not need to disclose exact amounts if they remain under that level.

Lembrich's statement indicated he had so far raised $14,592.24, with $10,417.24 of that in a loan to himself. 

Lembrich has spent $11,182.24, with nearly half of that expenditure, $5,000, for website and other design services.

Lembrich, Ryan and Adams are running for two seats on the TC in the June 2 Democratic primary.

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