Thursday, July 16, 2015


Results of a new statewide teacher evaluation from the Department of Education were released late Wednesday and found that most teachers in the South Orange Maplewood School District were found to be either effective or highly effective.

Data for the SOMA schools indicated that of the 403 district teachers assessed, 399 were found to be effective or highly effective. The breakdown found 263 rated effective and 133 highly effective.

The new assessment, which reviewed teachers during the 2013-2014 school year, used a mix of reviews that included administrator observations, student improvement and student test performance, according to the Department of Education. Not all data was released in an effort to protect the identities of some poor performing teachers so data numbers may not add up exactly.

Among SOMA schools, Columbia High School had 50 of its 120 assessed teachers rated highly effective, with 69 dubbed effective. No teachers at Maplewood Middle School received the highly effective assessment, while 14 of South Orange Middle School's 37 assessed teachers received that designation.

For elementary schools, none of the assessed teachers at Clinton School or Jefferson School were labeled highly effective. Marshall School scored the most highly effective teachers with 17.

The complete data breakdown is below

Columbia High School

Highly Effective: 50
Effective: 69
Total Assessed: 120

Maplewood Middle School

Highly Effective: 0
Effective: 32
Total Assessed: 37

South Orange Middle School

Highly Effective: 14
Effective: 23
Total Assessed: 37

Tuscan School

Highly Effective: 11
Effective: 30
Total Assessed: 42

Marshall School

Highly Effective: 17
Effective: 13
Total Assessed: 31

Jefferson School

Highly Effective: 0
Effective: 27
Total Assessed: 33

South Mountain School and Annex

Highly Effective: 12
Effective: 22
Total Assessed: 36

Seth Boyden School

Highly Effective:13
Effective: 19
Total Assessed: 33

Clinton School

Highly Effective: 0
Effective: 27
Total Assessed: 33

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