Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Maplewood has found itself loved, hated, reviewed, assessed, reassessed, reported on, documentarized, novelized, filmed and labeled everything from over-taxed to gay-friendly.

Now comes what may be the first radio play about our beloved Township.

The South by South Orange Festival last month included a staged reading of a radio comedy that appears to spoof both Maplewood and South Orange, but with a clear obvious nod to Maplewood.

Titled, Milkwood, the half-hour parody includes a Mayor Incipio (an evil Mayor Deluca?), who is pretending to be gay to garner votes, as well as local issues such as a library closure and development. And there is even a Greg Lembrich running for town "council." 

The brainchild of Maplewoodians Marcy Thompson and Jenny Turner Hall of Studio B Maplewood, the show has its share of dirty politicians, profanity and perhaps a little touch of reality about life between Millburn and South Orange. 

Thompson and Hall also portray themselves as meeting with a developer who wants to redevelop the town library (as opposed to a post office, maybe.)

Hear the rest below. And tune into new episodes as they are produced HERE

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