Wednesday, September 23, 2015


The Board of Education on Monday night introduced an unusual Access and Equity policy that is aimed at giving students and parents the freedom to choose classes as they wish and be treated equally.

It is unclear how it will affect things specifically, but several board members praised it as a way for all students to get the same opportunities.

See it below. A final vote is set for the board's October meeting.

5755.1  Access and Equity

All elementary, middle school, and high school parents/guardians and children in the South Orange-Maplewood School District shall have access to, and the ability to choose between, different educational programs in all academic subjects, and at all academic levels. In furtherance of this Policy, all students shall be provided with age-appropriate academic supports for access to advanced-level courses, including, by way of example, but not limitation, readiness programs and courses, in-school and after-school tutoring, Saturday readiness sessions, and summer institutes. The District shall also engage in a pre-K through 12th grade curricular alignment, ensuring that all students develop the knowledge and skills fundamental to successful performance in Advanced Placement and advanced level courses by providing the highest levels of academic rigor in Pre-K, Elementary, Middle and High School courses.

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