Wednesday, April 6, 2016


More than 40 merchants and business owners in Maplewood Village have signed on to a letter urging the Township and developer Joe Forgione to meet with them and discuss potential tenants in the new post office development before any leases are signed.

Kevin Muench, a dentist based in the Village, presented a letter signed by 44 merchants and three landlords to the Township Committee Tuesday night. The letter requests a meeting with Forgione, the developer of the former Maplewood Village Post Office site, who is building a three-story, 20-apartment complex that will also include five retail shops.

Forgione has said his prospective tenants include a bank, restaurant, dry cleaners, clothing store and Starbuck's.

"The proposed tenants compete directly with some of our existing businesses," the letter stated, in part. "But the matter of new competition is not our first concern ... our concern is based more on the ways in which choices can be complementary to the Village economy overall, and not unduly driven by the project's desired financial gains, or the fact that the project is the recipient of tax and other incentives that are not available to local landlords and merchants."

See the entire letter HERE.

Also at the meeting was the owner of Maplewood Cleaners, who urged the developer and the Township not to allow another cleaners into Maplewood Village, noting she and fellow merchants at Linda's Cleaners, will be harmed by the competition.

Mayor Vic Deluca said the letter would be forwarded to Forgione.