Friday, April 15, 2016


Just weeks after re-opening with a great expansion, our own Able Baker got a great write-up in The New York Times today.

The paper of record stated, in part:

I fell in love with Julie’s scone the minute I tasted it. It was hard on the outside, soft on the inside, not excessively sweet but shamefully rich. I had one, and then I went back the next day and had another. My scone-a-day spree at the Able Baker in Maplewood continued, as I worked my way through every one of the almost one dozen varieties (cranberry ginger, pumpkin walnut, vanilla bean, fig pine nut and cherry coconut, to name a few), each with a cup of strong cappuccino. I realized that I needed to start every morning at Julie’s.

The Julie in question is Julie Pauly, Able’s founder and owner, and the popularity of her scones, pies, cakes and cookies is documented by her recent expansion next door into what had been a chiropractor’s office. There are regulars who begin their mornings here (mostly commuters), break up their day here (stay- or work-at-home types), or end it here (those who need a final jolt, in a town without a Starbucks), and most seem thrilled with the new space. But rather than resolve the issue of Able Baker’s long lines, the expansion seems to have aggravated it. There are more of us than ever.

See the whole thing HERE.

And drop by and try some of their goodies yourself.