Friday, April 22, 2016


From Maplewood Police today:

Over the past few months, many local municipalities have reported “Water Company” scams. In most of the cases elderly residents have been targeted. In most cases residents are approached by a male that reports that they work for the water company and that they need to check the water pressure or color of the water in the home. Usually, this individual is on their cell phone the entire time they are with the resident. They escort the victim around their home turning on facets and distracting them. While this is taking place, other individuals enter the home and steal cash and other valuables without the home owner noticing. In most cases, a vehicle is not observed and the individual leaves suddenly claiming they are going to a neighbor’s house or making some other excuse. Usually, the home owner notices open drawers and missing items following the departure of the male.

If someone comes to your home reporting they are from the water company(or other utility) and need to come into your home, do not let them in and contact the police immediately. Attempt to provide as much of a description of the individual, direction they leave and any possible vehicles they may come or leave in when calling.

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