Friday, April 8, 2016


The Township is stepping up efforts to crackdown on landscapers and lawn care companies that are not registered but perform work in town.

During a discussion Tuesday on the current leaf blower and machinery noise limitation, Mayor Vic Deluca noted that lawn firms conducting business in town must be registered, and enforcement of that law must be improved. 

"We have to look at changing what we have and enforcing what we have," Deluca said at Tuesday night's Township Committee meeting. "There are many in town who are cutting grass that are not registered." 

The Township also posted a list of firms that are registered to perform lawn cutting and landscaping and stressed that unregistered companies face fines and ticketing.

See that list HERE.

The current law limits the use of leaf blowers and other equipment to 65 decibels.

But TC members Greg Lembrich and Nancy Adams pointed out that problems have occurred when lawn care companies serve several homes on the same block and the combined volume of so many blowers and machines working at once creates a louder disturbance.

"When there's a crew of three or four or more spread around it is deafening and the smell of gasoline sort of hangs in the air," Lembrich said. 

Adams agreed: "In the last couple of years, I have been working from home and it's horrible. The landscapers are coming in with seemingly the only regard for increasing their business and making money, that being done by scheduling several houses in the same area at the same time." 

Several residents also spoke out at the meeting about the problems.

"As a person that must work from my home ... I've been forced at times to shut myself into my basement," said Amy O'Meara, a four-year resident. She later added, "It sends me into a rage, I have moments where I'm like I don't even want to live here anymore. It is not sustainable and I hate it."

Carrie Gordon, a Gerard Place resident, also sought better restrictions: "I support a complete ban of gas-powered leaf blowers from June to September, the current rule of 65 decibels during this time is not followed or enforced ... Many of the lawn service companies operating in Maplewood are not registered with the town."

The TC directed Adams and Lembrich to lead the effort to review changes and ideas to revise the current restrictions.