Friday, February 17, 2017


If you don't know New Jersey's pedestrian crosswalk law, you might want to brush up on it.

That's the law that, among other things, requires motorists to stop if a pedestrian is walking across a marked crosswalk. (Read it HERE.)

But what many may not know is that if a pedestrian is even just stepping into the crosswalk, the motorist must stop. If not, a $200 fine and points on the license can follow. 

Why is this important now? Because Maplewood Police are cracking down on such scofflaws.

Proof of that was the detail set up at Prospect Street and The Crescent today, where cops said they were ticketing drivers as part of the effort that is being done around the Township. This followed a previous detail in which warnings were issued.

The enforcement is part of an overall pedestrian safety and traffic enforcement plan recently announced by the police department.

So stay informed and stay aware!

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