Wednesday, February 15, 2017


The Planning Board on Tuesday gave unanimous approval to a reduced number of outdoor trash dumpsters for the former Maplewood Village Post Office project, which will be used for a restaurant slated for the building.

Planning Board Chair Jerry Ryan said the vote will allow the placement of three dumpsters and a grease handler in an enclosed structure behind the building on the site of the former post office.

Dubbed "Clarus" by builders JMF Properties, the project will be a three-story building with 20 apartments and five retail spaces. Among those is a 120-seat restaurant for which the dumpsters will be used. 

"The details of the enclosure for the dumpsters: what materials are to be used, colors, does there need to be a roof on the enclosure, etc. have been referred to the Maplewood Village Alliance," Ryan said via email. "Several people seemed to feel that the enclosure didn't need to be a concrete block or brick faced structure at all; for example, perhaps subtle fencing and shrubbery for screening would suffice. The matter won't have to come back to the Planning Board at all unless the discussion with the Alliance results in some changes to the site plan. I doubt that that will be the case."

JMF had originally asked for approval of a larger, nine-dumpster
structure that would have been placed in the Village Coffee parking lot near the entrance to the NJ Transit pedestrian tunnel. That would have included several dumpsters now used by Village Coffee and Mt. Fuji Sushi.

But Mayor Vic Deluca announced last week that JMF had withdrawn the request and replaced it with the reduced size dumpster structure and relocated it behind the new building.

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