Saturday, February 18, 2017


If you are wondering what's with the neckties around Maplewood Village with "RESIST" painted on them, know that it's a protest.

And the work of Blue Scarf Collective, which bills itself on its website as "a group of artists, filmmakers, designers, and musicians" whose mission is "To make art. To promote feminism. To empower. To promote social justice. To kick ass."

As for the ties, the group's Facebook page states:

It's day 28. We have protested, called, yelled, screamed, and written. We are tired but we can't stop. We placed these ties all over our town as a reminder that there is a group of men in the White House set on taking away our rights - as women, as Muslims, as Jews, as people of color, as queers, as people with disabilities, as AMERICANS. Keep doing what you are doing! RESIST. RESIST. RESIST. #resist #resistties #maplewood #notmypresident
xo - BSC

See more on them HERE.

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