Monday, February 27, 2017


First we saw the "Resist" neckties in Maplewood Village, which it turned out were a pro-feminism group protest.

Now comes The Maplewood Banana Club.

You might have seen their fun pro-banana notices on community boards and windows around town in the form of a flyer, complete with pull-off tabs often used for phone numbers. In their case, they are to take a banana with you.

No, this is not some marketing campaign by Banana Growers of America. It is the work of four local youngsters who wanted to spread some smiles, and promote their favorite peel-and-eat fruit.

Those are Tess and Ellie von Brachel, and Luke and Emma Schamburg. 

"We are neighbors, we made this club simply for the fun of it," they said via email. "A few years go, we got a hammock that looked like a banana, and it sparked a little interest in the fruit, for no apparent reason.

"Since then, our goal was to promote bananas because we've heard about the decreasing amount of bananas around the world," they added. "We poke fun at apples because they are a very popular fruit, so we want to let people know that bananas are awesome, too."

The club leaders said they posted 20 such notices around town and plan to make more. Stay tuned!

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