Monday, October 21, 2013


Today marks one of the greatest days in the history of Maplewood as the township allows the first same-sex weddings ever in our town.

Mayor Vic De Luca, a longtime advocate for gay marriage, will conduct the first wedding at Noon at Town Hall as part of a day-long celebration of this new and long overdue right.

The township stated that at least 9 couples took out same-sex marriage licenses on Friday when they were first allowed, with at least two set to be married at town hall today. The program of events also allows time for any couple to show up and be married.

Years ago when San Francisco held a similar ceremony at its City Hall for the first domestic partner unions there, before gay marriage was approved, I was lucky enough to cover that event.

As a 13-year resident of Maplewood, I have long been proud to live here and report news here because the township has such a great embodiment of diversity, kindness and basic positive thought and deed.

And Mayor De Luca, whom I have disagreed with and likely will again, shows this better than anyone in the efforts being put forth today to stand up for a group of people who sadly continue to be mistreated and denied rights.

If you can, come by Town Hall at Noon or another time today (the schedule of events is HERE) and be glad we can give such support to our fellow residents.

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