Friday, October 11, 2013


This letter was sent home with students this week:

Maplewood Middle School

Jeffrey Truppo                             7 Burnet Street                                Louis Brown 
Principal                              Maplewood, NJ  07040                   Assistant Principal
            (973) 378-7660                                  
                                                                                                                                                         Cheryl Hewitt 
  Assistant Principal    October 1, 2013

Dear Maplewood Middle School Community Member:

Each school year you are asked to review the Code of Conduct of the South Orange and Maplewood School District with your child.  This year, during your review I would request that you ask your child about the discussion I had with each grade level team, regarding both the Code of Conduct and how it serves all students.  I spoke with groups of approximately 100 students over the past week about continuous learning and growth as the primary reason for being in school, and their role in respecting the right of their peers to engage in academic endeavors.  It was important for me to acknowledge to all our students that the overwhelming majority of them will never interact with the Code of Conduct after their review with you, but that it serves as another tool to respect their primary reason for being in school.  I hope that my discussion with your child, and my brief description of it for you, provides a reference for the task of reviewing this document.  

All MMS families will receive an emailed link to our school web site, where the Code of Conduct has been posted.  If you would like a printed copy, please call the main office or email and a copy will be sent home with your child.  Any student that does not return this form by October 18 will have a Code of Conduct sent home with them for review.  After reviewing the Code of Conduct, please sign below indicating that you have reviewed it as a family. Students should return this page to their period 1 teachers.  


Jeffrey L. Truppo

The related code of conduct is HERE.

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