Sunday, October 6, 2013


Tom Moran of The Star-Ledger does a great piece today on the hack that is Essex County Executive Joe De Vincenzo.

Moran, the editorial page editor of the statewide paper, notes Joe D's continued arrogance and ignorance of legalities regarding campaign funds and steering money to his political friends.

As Moran states:

Joe DiVincenzo was gritting his teeth, his arms folded, furious to have to answer a fresh round of questions about his habit of using public office to enrich himself and his friends.
“I am the most honest person there is,” said Joe D, as they call him, the Essex County executive. “What I’ve done all these years is save taxpayers money.”

He spit out each sentence like a dagger aimed at the lost soul who would be stupid enough to question him, which in this case was me.
But give the man a break. He had a stressful week. On Wednesday he was officially accused of breaking campaign finance laws by using money from donors to fly himself to Puerto Rico, pay hotel bills, buy a gym membership, attend the U.S. Open and so on.

Then he and his team were grilled about a fresh allegation that they steered federal money intended to prevent homelessness to a pastor in East Orange who happens to be a political ally with a steady and healthy income. That is the most damning case of several detailed today by The Star-Ledger’s David Giambusso.

Read the whole column HERE.

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