Friday, October 4, 2013


It has been a bit of a confusing week for some Maplewood Middle School students and their parents as two Spanish-language teachers surprisingly departed from the school.

At last week's MMS back-to-school night, one of the teachers, Senora Tina Gomez, informed parents that she was leaving effective this week and had a replacement found. She said she had found a new position in South Jersey. It is unclear why such information was not provided at the beginning of the year or why she took the job at this time.

The second situation was even more surpising and involved Senora Eldridge.

During the same back-to-school night, parents who went to her room to meet with her were instead greeted by Principal Jeffrey Truppo, who told them she was no longer teaching the classes and a temporary substitution had been found, but not a permanent one.

Asked about more of a reason for Eldridge's surprise departure, Truppo declined and referred inquiries to the school district.

The district issued this statement to

As you know, we are unable to comment on personnel issues.

We certainly understand that students and families are curious, but confidentiality prohibits us from discussing the reasons for Ms. Eldridge’s departure. 

A search for a new Spanish teacher is underway.  In the meantime an experienced leave replacement teacher has been engaged.

Some students had said Eldridge had made some questionable comments during some classes, a few noting she discussed personal relationships. But no more information was known at this time. 

Parents and students should know if a teacher has acted improperly or at least why she was let go if that is the case.