Sunday, January 25, 2015


Hillcrest Place and Irvington Avenue in Maplewood
During his State of the Township speech, mayor Vic 
De Luca revealed plans for rebranding the Irvington Avenue commercial corridor as "Maplewood Corners."

Part of that includes a plan to revitalize the entire stretch of road where it also crosses through Newark and South Orange. 

Together North Jersey has brought together members of each municipality to create an improvement plan that includes street upgrades and other changes to better the area. The group released initial information and sketches of what the changes will look like in a report titled: Irvington Avenue, Creating a Complete Corridor.

The report states: 

On the eastern end of the Irvington Avenue Corridor, the plan proposes a strategy for how to transform “Maplewood Corners” into a place locals, as well as the broader community, will want to visit and stay. This strategy is focused on:
  • Rebranding Maplewood’s commercial section of the corridor as “Maplewood Corners”, and establish it as a unique niche market within the area.
  • Enhancing the public spaces and organize the Maplewood Corners merchants to create a managed area.
  • Fostering mixed use infill development
See more HERE and some of the images below:

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