Sunday, January 18, 2015


Martha Gallahue and Pamela Booker will hold a public conversation on race relations in the Maplewood/South Orange community. We will discuss specific questions: Should we find ways to interface more closely with the Irvington/Newark neighborhoods close by? How does the national problem of lethal policing with special focus on African American males affect us? How can we contribute to the solutions? What are the ethical mandates that apply? 

Pamela Booker, a local Maplewood local resident, is an artist, educator and interdisciplinary writer. Her work integrates creative practice social change and social justice knowledge, with over 15 years of producing and programming for leading creative arts venues. She recently completed her first novel. She teaches at NYU and Godard College and has had several art shows internationally. 

Martha Gallahue, leader of Ethical Culture Society of Essex County, was introduced to problems between African Americans and local police when she was ten years old, through the Council on Human Rights in Zanesville, Ohio. 

Ethical Culture Society, 516 Prospect St., Maplewood 11 A.M.

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