Thursday, January 15, 2015


Township Health Officer Robert Roe recently reminded all dog and cat owners that they must have pets licensed for 2015, and the deadline to do so is Jan. 31.

He said the percentage of cats licensed is well below the population, stating that while there were 930 dogs licensed in 2014, up from 816 the year before, there were just 159 cats, up from 142 in the prior year.

"I'm sure that's not anywhere near the number of cats in town," Roe said. "People still have not bought into the idea that they need to license their cats."

He stressed that licenses are not only required by law, but a key way to track your dog or cat if they go missing. The price is just $15 if they are spayed or neutered and $18 if not. The late fee if the license is purchased after Jan. 31 is an additional $7.

Roe also said the number of licensed pets has dropped significantly in the past 20 years, noting that in 1995 there 1,159 dogs licensed, with 563 cats.

"Back then, raccoon rabies was still new and people were concerned and taking steps," Roe recalled. "Cat owners are less worried about rabies, even though we still do have rabies and we pick up animals that have it."

For more info on licensing, click HERE.

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