Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The Township saga over allowing basketball hoops to be placed on the curb right of way so players could shoot from the street continued Tuesday night as the Township Committee directed staff to write-up an ordinance that would allow such sports equipment during the months of April through December 2015.

This issue first arose last fall when residents showed up at a meeting and complained that they were not allowed to use the equipment as per existing township law. After the complaints, the TC exempted the hoops during the remainder of 2014, but lifted the exemption for 2015.

The new ordinance would allow the use of such sports equipment after April 1 and through the end of 2015, but only portable equipment.

"It was determined that we should allow sports equipment in the right of way," said TC Member India Larrier, who also heads the Code Enforcement Committee. "But we were asked by our Department of Public Works to take into consideration the large vehicles and their issues during winter months."

But TC members also stressed that no equipment can be placed in the right of way if it blocks traffic or impedes emergency needs. The ordinance will be voted on first reading at the next meeting on Feb. 3.

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