Saturday, January 17, 2015


From Maplewood Middle School principal Jerrill Adams to parents this week:

Dear Parents,

At MMS, we have the responsibility to create a climate of learning and comfort 
for all of our students.  One of the areas we are currently targeting is the use 
of language between students, and communication between students and teachers.  
To that end, every week, five minutes of class time will be devoted to a message 
about appropriate use and style of language and proper behavior in unstructured 
times such as in the hallways and throughout our building.  

These messages will be delivered to your children on Fridays.  We would like to 
partner with you and ask that you continue the conversation with your child 
regarding that week’s message.  We will e-blast the same message to you on 
Fridays so you are in sync with the discussions your children are having at 
school.  We hope this will be a successful endeavor to increase appropriate 
language and behavior in our school.

January 16th Weekly Message:

Hello MMS students,
We hope that you have had a good week so far and that today will be a great day 
of learning!
We will deliver a weekly message to all of you regarding using appropriate 
language and behavior at school. 

Here is today’s message: Words can be used to build others up or to put them 
down.  It all depends upon the choice of words and the tone with which they are 
delivered.  Respect is a very important tool for a good way of life.  The 
language we use with one another should always be respectful.  There is nothing 
wrong with laughing and joking WITH one another, but laughing and joking ABOUT 
another person is not respectful.  How we talk to each other says a lot about 
what kind of person we want to be. 

Our message for today is:

HOW DO YOU USE LANGUAGE?  Appropriately or inappropriately?

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