Saturday, January 30, 2016


JMF Properties, which is overseeing the new housing/retail project at the former Maplewood Village Post Office site, began removing windows several days ago, leaving the building open for possible trespassing, vandalism and danger.

On both sides of the building, large openings remained where the windows had been, which could be a danger to youngsters if they chose to enter as an attractive nuisance. Only yellow tape was put up to keep people out, no fencing or other larger barricades

It is unclear if permits were issued for the work as none were in sight at the scene. We asked Code Enforcement Officer Robert Mittermaier earlier this week if permits had been issued and he said they had not.

He could not be reached Friday to see if that situation had changed.

Workers were on the site today finishing the windows removal and said they would be boarded up by tomorrow.

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