Thursday, January 28, 2016


The Township has directed staff to negotiate another year with Gaeta Recycling, which has handled the weekly pick-up since it began nearly a year ago.

But Mayor Vic Deluca said to make sure the process is handled properly so as to avoid the debacle that occurred a year ago when the initial bidding process was dismissed by a judge and Maplewood ended up paying $65,000 more than it should have.

You may recall problems occurred when a request for proposal went out in late 2014 seeking a weekly recycler for 2015 and required potential bidders to submit their bids on Nov. 25, 2014.

That request for proposal was the second for this program after the first request in October resulted in just one bidder, F. Basso Jr. Rubbish Removal, with a bid of $499,000 that was deemed too high.

On the second request for proposal in November 2014, four firms bid, with Bella Cleaning and Carting of Ridgewood offering the lowest bid at $198,240.

But the second lowest bidder, Gaeta, claimed the lowest bid was improperly submitted and blamed the Township for failing to provide information on an addendum to the request. Gaeta's bid was $243,400.

In January 2015 a Superior Court judge agreed and threw out the bids, requiring the Township to seek bids for a third time, which it did on Feb. 10, 2015. But just one company, Gaeta, submitted a bid at that time, for $263,000, which the TC approved and which has been in effect ever since. 

See the discussion on an extension that occurred at last week's TC meeting below:

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Olive Branch said...

While they are renegotiating, why don't they have the recycling picked up in the rear as the trash is picked up. Same company so they know the drill. It would keep the town looking better so those containers won't be rolling around the street til everyone gets home at the end of the day.