Wednesday, May 25, 2016


As the Maplewood Pool readies to open for another season this weekend, membership has been on a sharp decline for the past five years, according to the Township.

Records indicate that in the last five years, the annual membership has dropped about 18%, from 8,681 in 2010 to 7,101 in 2015. That's a loss of 1,580 members.

So far for 2016, 4,755 memberships have been purchased. But they can be bought through August.

See the annual breakdown HERE.

The Township revealed in March that the pool had lost money during each of the last three seasons, to the tune of $140,000. To counter that trend, the Township has allowed Township employees who do not live in Maplewood to join the pool this year. 

Asked about the decline, Township Administrator Joe Manning stated:

The main reason that the pool “lost” money is that it is now paying off a bond which was used for the renovation of the pool decking and other capital projects at the pool. The pool fund pays about $130K for the bond and another $30K for interest each year and will do so for I think until 2021 (not sure of the exact year and would have to look it up). Once that is paid off the cash flow should be in the black. The TC and the pool advisory committee are seeking ways to shore up the finances of the pool.

Fees were last raised in 2012, by 30%, in part to pay for the water slides and some $1 million in renovations to the pool and locker rooms.

See the current fees and how to join HERE.