Sunday, May 15, 2016


More than a week after allegations first surfaced of anti-semitic comments and internet postings from some students at South Orange Middle School, the school's principal has issued a lengthy statement about the situation.

Lynn Irby emailed the note to parents on Saturday, which said, in part:

One acts quickly but carefully. We immediately started to investigate these current specific racial incidents. We reached in the community to find root causes behind them. Why were they happening in a community reputed for its diversity; why at this time? We know the national political climate has been spewing racial comments, but why weren’t our children able to understand this hurtful rhetoric was wrong? After all, they are part of our community. They should have been more prepared to deal with the current national environment; minimally they shouldn’t be copying it. What lack of training; which safeguards, eliminated, allowed this incident involving SOMS students to occur. 

See the entire letter HERE.

Her comments follow a week of reaction to the claim that an Instagram image had been posted that was offensive to many Jewish residents, prompting a meeting with local rabbis and district officials.

Irby's letter indicated another community meeting is planned for Friday, May 20. 

Although SOMS is in South Orange, many Maplewood students attend the school.

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