Tuesday, May 17, 2016


The latest effort to find history under the former Maplewood Village Post Office site appears to be a dead end. For now.

Inda Sechzer, a local resident and history fan, has been leading the charge to unearth what she believes are artifacts of a school that once sat at the former post office site of 160 Maplewood Ave. years ago. 

Workers dig below the post office in search of artifacts
She points to the history of the location where Central School once sat, with headmaster James Ricalton, the first such educator in Township history and for whom Ricalton Square is named. One of the murals in Town Hall depicts Ricalton with students in front of the building, which was later torn down to allow for the post office.

Central School, which once stood on the post office site
For months, Sechzer had lobbied the township to allow excavation of the front basement area of the post office prior to its demolition to make way for the planned housing/retail complex. That demolition is set to begin today.

Developer Joseph Forgione, who owns JMF Properties -- builders of the three-story project that will include 20 apartments and five retail shops -- directed crew members to dig up parts of the front floor of the post office building to search for artifacts on Monday. 

But the dig, which was attended by Mayor Vic Deluca, found nothing but dirt.

"I am not disappointed," Sechzer said via email. "We knew it would be a longshot as to whether there would be anything at all. These things are interesting and fun."

But she said they would remain in touch with the crew and Forgione in case something is found so that it can be preserved.

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