Thursday, February 2, 2017


The Achieve Foundation has been raising money for more than 20 years for school district programs and projects.

But in recent weeks, the non-profit organization's annual direct donation program has allowed residents to direct their money to a specific teacher project.  

But you only have a few days left.

"Throughout the year we get donations, but this is the one time of the year when people can actually make a donation to a specific grant request that a teacher has made," said Deborah Prinz, Achieve Foundation executive director. 

The direct funding program began weeks ago and ends on Feb. 6, Prinz said. Donations can still be made year-round, but they will go into the organizations' general funds for future grants.  

Achieve Foundation raises about $140,000 annually for district programs, which are funded with grants decided by a committee comprised of residents, teachers and others. 

See more on them HERE.

Prinz said each year there are always grant requests that cannot be fully funded or funded at all. Those are posted online and residents can donate directly to them for a period of time. 

See those grant requests and how to donate to them HERE.

"Once our committee has reviewed all of the grants under our criteria, we then publish the grants that still can take more funding so that people can make direct donations to those grans," she explained. "Our mission is to support innovation and excellence and equal access for all students through educational opportunities."

The listing is very detailed. For example, if you want to see programs at Tuscan School that need help, you click that box and the list pops up stating what the program is, and how much more money it needs.

See one example below:

TUS: Chomebooks for the LibraryTeacher: Popp, Amy
Provide all 650+ students access to Chromebooks in the library.
Amount Still Needed to Fund the Grant: $4,516

But hurry up because it ends on Monday!

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