Friday, February 3, 2017


From the School District today:

Good afternoon CHS School Community,

As a precaution this morning, CHS had a code yellow (shelter in place) for approximately 45 minutes.  At no time was there believed to a specific threat towards our students or school.  

At approximately 11:15 am today, a teacher reported overhearing a student conversation that might have represented a danger to school and student safety.  CHS administrators enacted the emergency protocols, worked with MPD to investigate the incident, and at approximately 12 noon, returned to the building to normal operations. 

While investigating the potential threat, based on the information provided, the principal placed the building in a code yellow to facilitate the investigation.  Potentially involved parties were quickly identified, the incident was investigated, and police and administration determined no further action was necessary.  The shelter in place extended period 5 by 14 minutes, and the bell schedule was adjusted accordingly for the rest of the afternoon.

We are grateful to the Maplewood Police Department for their prompt response, and for always helping us ensure the safety of our school community.

South Orange/Maplewood School District

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