Sunday, May 7, 2017


Maplewood's new, controversial leaf blower ban, which bars the use of gas-powered blowers by contractors from May 15 to the end of September, recently received an award from an anti-noise group. reports that Noise Free America honored the Township with its Quiet Hero Award. wrote, in part:

Noise Free America, a coalition that aims to "promote quiet" in communities across the country, announced last week it granted the Maplewood town committee a "Quiet Hero" award for the ordinance it passed last month limiting the use of the noisy equipment each May through September.

"Maplewood's action is a step in the right direction," said Ted Rueter, the director of Noise Free America, a citizen activist group with chapters in 26 states.

"Hopefully, when Maplewood homeowners begin to understand why gas-powered leaf blowers are banned during summer months for commercial landscapers, they will see the significant benefits and stop using gas-powered leaf blowers themselves. If they do, Maplewood, New Jersey will be a much healthier and quieter place to live."

See the entire story HERE.

And read more about the ban HERE.

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