Wednesday, May 17, 2017


The Clarus development at the former Maplewood Village post office site is expected to see its first residential occupants move in by July 1, according to developer Joe Forgione, who said he has at least nine of the 20 apartment units lined up with tenants.

Forgione, who spoke after Tuesday night's Township Committee meeting where the TC approved his request to receive a liquor license transfer, said he is still seeking a fourth retail tenant for the project. So far, the building is set to house Starbucks and BCB Bank, as well as a 120-seat restaurant.

The TC, acting as the Alcohol Beverage Control Commission, approved the transfer of a pocket license from Tom Kern to Forgione's entity, M160 llc. If he chooses to use it for the Clarus restaurant, which is likely, he must apply again for the specific location use.  

Tom and Jennifer Carlin
The restaurant will be owned by Maplewood residents Tom and Jennifer Carlin, who currently own Gladstone Tavern in Gladstone. Mr. Carlin said plans are moving ahead for the eatery to begin operation later this year, hopefully before the end of 2017.

"We're getting close," Mr. Carlin said Tuesday. "I think he is pretty close to turning the space over to us. We anticipate opening in late 2017. I think everything's on track."

Carlin already has a name chosen for the restaurant: The Cassidy. 

"I have a silent partner who grew up in town and his daughter's name is Cassidy and it was really important for him to have that," Carlin said. "He doesn't live in town anymore, but we grew up together in South Orange. I think he wants to be on the sidelines."

Stay tuned!

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