Saturday, May 13, 2017


From the Township:

Clarus Construction Update

The pedestrian tunnel will reopen on Tuesday. They poured the sidewalk, and it needs to be saw cut to finish out the plaza areas near the tracks.  Unless it rains on Monday,  the sidewalk, curbing and bumpouts  between Baker Street and the pedestrian  tunnel will be completed by end of Monday.   Parking should be fully restored in the Village Coffee lots, with the exception of a piece of equipment or two which they may still need for the south side of the building. 

The southern entrance to the Ricalton Square lot will remain closed until approximately Wednesday.  Entrance to the Ricalton lot will remain two-way at the north end at Valley National Bank.    

The parking spots along tracks in the Ricalton lot will be closed Monday, Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday.  They will be tearing out the existing pedestrian sidewalk, pouring the new sidewalk and installing the curbing.  Parking spots will be opened up as they progress on this job.

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