Sunday, May 21, 2017


Dozens of teens fighting and acting disorderly in De Hart Park Sunday evening drew numerous police officers from Maplewood, as well as Irvington, Union and the Essex County Sheriff's Office to the park to break up the melee and order them out of the Boyden Avenue location.

The first calls came in at about 6 p.m. with reports of a group of "up to 50" juveniles fighting, according to the scanner.

At the scene, police broke up several fights as they dispersed the crowd and followed them out of the area. Among those on scene was Mayor Vic Deluca.

Police had no immediate information on any arrests or injuries, but none were apparent at the scene.

The uproar occurred less than an hour after the end of Mayfest on Springfield Avenue, just a few blocks away. When that event ended, numerous teens were gathered near Springfield Avenue and Oberlin Street and were advised to leave that area so the roadway could be reopened. 

See some of the video of the DeHart incident below:

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