Tuesday, May 16, 2017


The Township Committee meets tonight with a fairly light agenda.

But two interesting items.

First, the TC will discuss the recently approved real estate sign restrictions and a topic titled only "garage requirement for properties."

Asked to explain what that means, TC Member India Larrier, who placed it on the agenda, said via email: "we are discussing the requirement and its merits." When asked if she is proposing one Larrier did not respond.

See the full agenda HERE.

The TC will also meet as the Alcohol Beverage Control board and consider an application for a liquor license transfer from Village Venue LLC (headed by long-time resident and fundraiser Thomas Kerns) to M160 LLC, the entity owned by developer Joe Forgione who is building the new Clarus project at the former Maplewood Village Post Office site.

Forgione has said he plans to include a 120-seat restaurant in the building and has an agreement with Tom and Jennifer Carlin of Maplewood to operate the eatery.

But even if he is granted the liquor license transfer, he will have to seek additional TC approval to use it at the Clarus location since tonight's action is only a direct person-to-person transfer of the license.

The meeting is set for 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall, 574 Valley St.


Unknown said...

Very interested in hearing what the "Garage Requirement" discussion refers to, as the rules for Maplewood are unclear.

Unknown said...

I went back and listened to the audio of the meeting from last night - at about 35:00 the garage discussion starts. The town code is going to be amended to not require a garage, only that there should be parking. This is to remove the undue burden on homeowners that have a dilapidated garage that should be torn down where they would prefer not to rebuild it. In my opinion this is an excellent change to an outdated requirement, especially in a transit-friendly community such as Maplewood.