Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Reminder that schools have a delayed opening today due to a district-wide faculty training program at Columbia High School this morning.

When this was originally scheduled weeks ago, it was hinted that it would involve some kind of racial bias prevention training that stemmed from a string of incidents weeks ago involving controversial slave auction lesson plans and offensive images found at some schools.

See the specific opening times today for each school today below:

SchoolDelayed Opening Start Time
Columbia High School10:00am
Maplewood Middle School10:15am
South  Orange Middle School10:15am
Clinton Elementary School10:05am
Jefferson Elementary School10:05am
Marshall Elementary School10:45am
Seth Boyden Elementary School10:45am
South Mountain – Big School10:10am
South Mountain - Annex10:00am
Tuscan Elementary School10:45am
Montrose Early Childhood Center11:00am

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