Monday, May 22, 2017


From the Township:

Beginning on May 22, 2017, the Hilton and Maplecrest Jitney buses will undergo a few minor route and schedule alterations.
New stops added to the Hilton Route are as follows:
  • Stop 4: Indiana St. & Lexington Ave
  • Stop 5: Millburn Ave. & Manley Ter.
  • Stop 6: Valley St. & Broadview Ave
  • Stop 7: Valley St. & Sommer Ave

Stops eliminated from the Hilton, and added to the Maplecrest Route:
  • Rutgers St. & Franklin Ave
  • Prospect St. & Hilton Ave
  • Bowdoin St. & Prospect St.
  • Bowdoin St. & Tuscan Rd.
 New stops added to the Maplecrest Route are as follows:
  • Stop 2: Rutgers St. & Franklin Ave.
  • Stop 3: Prospect St. & Hilton Ave.
  • Stop 4: Bowdoin St. & Prospect St.
  • Stop 5: Bowdoin St. & Tuscan Rd.
Please note none of the existing jitney stops on the Maplecrest Route have been eliminated. The Maplecrest Jitney will continue to stop at Norfolk Ave. & Tuscan Rd., Ivy Terrace & Oakview Ave, and Madison Ave. & Summit Ave, after stop #5.
If you board the jitney at any of the stops being eliminated from the Hilton Route, continue to wait for the jitney at your usual stop; your new jitney will be the Maplecrest, which will pick you up from your usual location, beginning May 22nd.

Please note pickup times have been altered to accommodate these route amendments.

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