Monday, April 9, 2012


Unless you have a child entering 10th Grade next fall, you may not know about the School District's newest effort to weed out students who do not live in Maplewood or South Orange: Re-registration.

We asked District spokesperson Judy Levy about the new practice and she responded with an email, part of which stated:

The district sent out its first notice of 10th grade re-registration to parents in November, 2011. 

The district has not re-registered students since the 1993-94 school year when all students were re-registered. 

Following the re-registration, new and more stringent registration procedures were put into place. Hearings were held for those students in question and 10 students were removed from the district. It is a costly and time-consuming process.

This letter went out earlier this year reminding parents that children entering their sophomore year at Columbia had to provide proof of residency to keep going.

If you did not re-register, you will face a hearing, sparking this notice currently on the district website.

10th Grade Re-Registration Information
The Board of Education will begin holding hearings shortly for those 10th grade students still not re-registered. If called to a hearing, this may result in the child being removed from school.
Parents/guardians who have not already re-registered their 10th grade student have until April 13 to complete the re-registration. It is urgent that parents finalize the process by then. Click on the links below for forms and important information.

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