Saturday, September 13, 2014


It appears new policies that will limit the number of parents who can be in a classroom with students are being formulated at Tuscan School and likely at others.

Tuscan Principal Malikah Majeed told us this week that a complaint of a single parent about enforcement of building codes that limit crowds in classrooms is prompting the review.

Majeed said no exact limits had been decided, but estimated that most classrooms would be limited to 26 to 30 people depending on the room. 

With classes that often range from 20 to 24 students, fewer than 10 parents would likely be allowed for classroom events, projects and parties. At Tuscan, for example, the Third Grade Invention Convention, often a highlight for students that draws one or both parents of each child, would be affected.

We reached out to Fire Chief Michael Dingelstedt and Code Enforcement Officer Robert Mittermaier for more information but each said they had not been contacted about the issue.

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