Tuesday, September 16, 2014


From Maplewood Police today:
September 8, 2014; Theft from Motor Vehicle; During the overnight hours two unlocked vehicle, one on Curtiss Pl and one on Lexington Ave were entered and items removed. A GPS unit and a cell phone charging cord were reported stolen.

September 8, 2014; Bicycle Theft; Two bicycle were stolen within the previous day from an open shed on Ridgewood Terr. The bicycles were recovered.

September 8, 2014; MV Thefts; During the overnight hours a Nissan Murano was stolen from an Irvington Ave residence. It was later recovered by the State Police.

September 9, 2014; Theft from Motor Vehicle; During the overnight hours three unlocked vehicles were entered. One vehicle on Maplewood Ave and two on North Ter. GPS units and headphones were reported stolen.

September 9, 2014; Attempt MV Theft; During the overnight hours, an SUV was stolen from a home on Sagamore Rd, but was recovered as it was stuck on a retaining wall at the home during the theft.

September 10, 2014; Theft from Motor Vehicle; A resident of Curtiss Pl reported that sometime within the last two days they believe their unlocked car was entered. A flashlight that is normally in the vehicle was found on the lawn.

September, 13, 2014; At approximately 3:45 AM, Officer Bertone observed a male enter a driveway on Wellesley St and emerge on a bicycle. He was stopped and admitted to stealing the bicycle. He was arrested and identified as Christopher Gaskins, age 33 of East Orange.


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