Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Today marks five years since Maplewoodian.com was born.

Those who have been with us that long, you may remember we launched the site after former Mayor Ken Pettis resigned in a rather surprise announcement, a move that was barely covered by the other press in town.

Since we came in to being, The Local -- The New York Times short-lived web site -- has come and gone, as have several editors at PATCH, which now appears may be dying itself.

Maplewoodonline, our sometimes rival, remains and will always be the king of Maplewood websites.

Still, I hope we have brought something to the information needs, opinion discussion and breaking news updates in town.

In the past year, we broke news about the NBC news reporter who illegally entered Tuscan School, the troubles at St. Joseph's Church and its mistreatment of the employee who was beaten there, and the first look at plans for the Post Office redevelopment. Not to mention our special report on the two tenured school teachers the school district wanted to fire but could not due to this outdated, troublesome policy.

Maplewood is a wonderful community and has a great array of people, officials and issues.

Maplewoodian.com is glad to be a part of it and hopes to be for the foreseeable future.

Please continue to offer us tips, ideas and news, as well as comments.

And Happy New Year to all!.

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